Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Head begins

Began assembling the (some say) giant head last night.

Here's some pics of the top, sides and nose part taped together:

When I glued the pieces, I also used some scrap pieces to reinforce the corners:

Annnnnnd, that's all for now.  Phew.  Only took 2.5 hours to write these last 5 posts.

Working on code is next.  It all works, but using 'delay()' in the code, which is a bad thing.  Apparently when the Arduino hits delay, it stops and waits until the delay is done before accepting or processing the next command.   That means if I'm driving and tell K9 to wag his tail, either he keeps driving while doing so, or he stops to wag his tail and won't move or speak until he's done wagging. I don't know which, but you can see how it'd be a bad thing.

I'm working on figuring out how to use 'millis()' in the code, which measures the Arduino's clock cycles and then uses comparisons to when things happen to determine how long to wait.  Since it's a comparison it only takes a fraction of a second ands doesn't disrupt other operations.

I'll post more when there's more to be posted!

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