Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's up?

***This was written almost a month ago, but wouldn't post***

Not much, that'd be the answer.

Took R2 to a wedding for some friends in late March. And, I have the pics somewhere, just haven't uploaded them apparently. R2 was the ringbearer, and due to some poor planning on my part, I wasn't able to see his feet as I drove him down the aisle, so he slammed into a pew about 2/3 of the way down. No damage, but it did get a big laugh.

The most recent thing was PlayOnCon. This is a small con in Birmingham, only in their 4th year. The 501st has been helping them expand from a table-top gaming con into something a little more fun :) Again, no pics from me. There were plenty taken, but I have yet to find more than a couple of them.

Next up is DragonCon, of course. I'll be debuting some minor mods to R2 that should add to his popularity :)

And then, once we get home from DCon, there are JAG feet to look forward to finally. Yes, that's right, finally going to have steel instead of plastic. When htat happens, I'll document it here.

Oh, and Weird Al is coming to Mobile on Sep 28th. We'll have troopers there, and most likely R2 as well, since Al seems to like him :)

I'll post more when I remember to upload the pics...or when something else big happens.