Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This one's about the base again.

I may have mentioned earlier that I was going to have to stiffen the base, since it had so much flex.

 I was trying to decide how and where to mount the aluminum U-channel that was left from the neck, when I realized what it's actually for.  It's for cladding the sides of plywood sheeting.  Problem solved!

And, luck struck once more, since the pieces are just the right size:

Next job was mounting the 2" casters in the rear.  Start off with a bunch of holes in a small piece of plastic:

Then mount the casters to the plastic piece and drilled the 2 3/4" holes:

And then, there's not a good shot of the casters bolted to the base.  *shrug*

Next I mounted the electronics board to the base:

When I put the body on, the electronics board was too high, the inset panels of the body hit the board, so I had to lower it by 3/4".

Here's a shot of the clearance when the whole thing is put together and on the floor:

Next up:  The giant head begins!

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