Saturday, September 10, 2011

DragonCon '11

Had a good time at DCon this year. Drove up on Thursday, and got my 4th floor room at the Hilton. No sooner did I get R2 out of the car and into the elevator I heard "Oh look, another one". TKBear was in the lobby with an R2, so I was able to get my R2 to the lobby fairly quickly.

At DragonCon there were at least 8 droids. My R2-D2, TKBear's R2-D2, Doug Dixon's R2-D2, Chris "UuberGeek"'s R2-D2, Chris Lee's R2-D2, Blake Mann's R2-X2, Ted Koenig's R5-X2, and "DarthEddeus"'s Goldie. Oh, and Thomas Arroyo's Mouse Droid, an unknown 501st member's Scrubber Droid, and Doug Dixon brought K9.

The most fun I had was when I converted my R2 in the Family Guys Cleveland R2. People kept calling him Afro-D2, until I'd play a sound byte, then they almost all knew who he was.

Naturally, I didn't have my camera. In fact, never took it out of the bag, so I don't have any pics to post.

There are a few over in the DragonCon thread at, -->Click Here<-- and scroll halfway down to see them.

Next up: Weird Al concert, RMH plane pull, and sometime in there JAG feet.

Wedding pics

So, as promised, here are the pics from the wedding...


R2 was the ring-bearer. Since I don't have working utility arms or a ring-bearer attachment, we hung the rings on the front holo-projector.

Here's an action shot, heading down the aisle:


And just before I ran him into a pew:


A big overhead shot:


The wedding party:


And the obligatory Leia pic:


And the flower girl and the ring-bearer:


The wedding was a good time, only the wedding party knew that R2 was the ring bearer, so it was a big surprise. What's that saying about "The best laid plans"? That's kinda how it went...during the rehearsals I'd stood in the lobby and driven down the aisle from behind R2. In the actual wedding, no sooner did R2 start down the aisle, they went to shut the doors to the lobby, so I had to duck out into the sanctuary and stand there in front of everyone, while driving blind down the aisle. As I mentioned earlier, I did run R2 into a pew on the left side of the aisle. It got a pretty good laugh, and didn't break anything, so it was a good thing. And luckily I'd practiced the blind turn at the front enough times that that part went well.

It was a good day, kinda sad that it took so long to make this post.