Thursday, June 12, 2014


Ok, haven't gotten much build work done, since I realized I was in need of a couple of things.

First off, I spent a good 3 days reading posts both at and at about what everyone else was using for their lights on the control panel.

Most everything I found was going to be in the neighborhood of $120 to $150 after buying all the parts.

I spent several hours just plain googling terms trying to find something better, and came across an EBay link that looked promising, at least for info on some part numbers.  Turns out, what I found (if it's what was advertised) was almost exactly what's needed. 

Here's some links for reference:

Clear indicators
Green indicators
Blue indicators
These are the same 18x24mm size as I see a lot of people using.  I know the SunMulon are 14.2x20.2, but for $120 I think I can live with those extra 3.8mm each way.

I'm going to go with the 2006 Hero panel layout, and the total price including FREE SHIPPING  was a whopping $28.23! 

Much less exciting, but I also picked up my neck surround/gaiter/whatever you want to call it.  Found a link with pic in someone else's build thread for Blo-R-Vac Duct Hose, got a whole foot for $5.28!  The pic I saw looked like it should be the right stuff, and I didn't have to buy 20' of it.  It's not cloth, but I think it's going to look ok since it will probably match the tail boot (once I get one...)

Oops...I just checked my links and it looks like at least on the red ones, I got the last ones.  Maybe they'll add some more.


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