Monday, November 16, 2009

Update #1 - electronics

I'll do this a step or two at a time, to keep it simple :)

First upgrade was to the sound system. If you recall, I was using a pair of USB powered laptop speakers running on 5v.
At DCon I quickly realized that would NOT be sufficient for any larger venue. So I hit the 'Bay and picked up a pair of speakers and an amplifier.

Here's removing the old setup:

And the new speakers:

these are directly behind the front vents, and can be seen from down low, but they are shiny, so they kind of fit...

My new amplifier:

and the re-arranged layout on the "vox" board:

and the board in place:

I think the total cost of that upgrade was about $35...the speakers and the amp were pretty inexpensive.
I'd also recommend if you get that type amp, you make sure the power lead is included. Mine was, but it was the only auction that specified the cord was included.

Next up, I decided to get away from the old 72Mhz telescoping antenna that my Futaba had.
I checked out several links from and decided to go with the:
Spektrum DX6i and the BR6200 from the Robot Marketplace. Once I figured out which channel to reverse, I'm running like a champ again!

That's good for now...I'll post about rebuilding the ankle later, since it's much more picture intensive.

Blog updates!

Updates are patient! Here in the next day or two I'll have some stuff to post.

The work is done, it's just the posting that takes some time...