Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Center foot

Here's pics of the center foot:

And for fun, there's an ankle on these shots! That's right, it's done too!

Ok, so it's not "Done done"...still needs filler and paint, but you know what I mean :)

Frame pics!

Ok, so I'm finally home. I did take several pictures last week, and here they are...

Apparently most all the layouts don't work right or I'm not doing something right...anyway, you have to click on a picture to see the whole thing. Maybe one day I'll get that fixed. Anyone got any ideas or a template that works?

Start with pics from all 4 sides:

Picture of the top, mainly to show just how many screws there are in the top of this thing so far...

Picture of the door open, with the hinge visible. You can't see it but I did use a nylon bushing at the very bottom between the frame and the door. Don't know if it actually helps anything, but it was the right size.

Here's a pretty good side angle shot. I wanted to include something that shows how pretty all those threaded rods are when installed as supports. No, really :P

When I look at the pictures, and especially when I look at my hands after working with the the frame, I think maybe I should have just dumped the entire box of parts in the dishwasher. The parts are covered in super-fine black ash from the cutting process (I guess) and that stuff gets everywhere...

Foot pics in the next post!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess what?

Still no pictures. That's what. I'm stuck out of town in Maine until Weds. Didn't bring my camera either, so I can't even upload the few pics I've taken.
I did send an email about the 300mm dome, guess I need to get in on this run of them. I also ordered the Rockler today.

Night before last I found the Astromech chat and talked with a couple of the german guys, you know, the ones that are always in the chat anyway :P At any rate, one of them suggested the Vex w/ Scooter motors as an inexpensive RC solution. I know I'm nowhere near ready for that stuff, but it doesn't hurt to start at least researching it.

Also need to look into the giant uni-ball caster thingy for the center leg. I kinda like the way that looks and works, seems like it could be something that wouold actually be used if droids were real and not just toys/props.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frame's almost done already!

Well, seems like I got a lot accomplished in the 2 days I've had the kit.

I've gotten the frame built, with the exception of the skirt ring. I got 2 of them, and wasn't really sure which I should be using. Besides, I've used up all of the support rod screws. Or maybe just used the wrong ones in a spot or two.

I've asked about that on, and hopefully will get an answer soon. If not I'll just pick one and move ahead.

And i did take some pictures. Unfortunately none during the assembly, was too focused on building it to think of that. Now I just haven't uploaded them.

Once the frame is finished, I suppose I'll move on to the legs, since they have an assembly guide. Then we'll worry about what's left over I guess.

Oh, and apparently all of the HTML I've remembered from school and have been using on forums DOESN'T work here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

the box arrived

So today I got a call from the shipping department at work..."you have 2 boxes back here, they were just delivered."

My A&A kit showed up. the first box was the large pieces, the 2nd was pretty much 2 pieces of cardboard taped together with the skins inside. Wish I hadn't looked in that one...looks like quite a project and I haven't found a handbook or tutorial for that yet...but we'll get to that stuff when we get to it.

I stopped by Lowe's and bought a "Tuff Box". Basically just a slightly oversized tote box. it's 26" long, so all the parts fit in it. Can't work out of the cardboard box ya know...and it'll come in handy for something once R2 isn't in there.

I also spent the last half of the work day printing out the Frame Assembly guide which is one nice document and the Leg Assembly Guide, which is 18 separate pages. Took so long because at work I run on dial-up, since I'm not important enough to get through the firewall :/

Anyway, it's started....maybe tomorrow I'll take some pics while I think about getting started :)